Extreme jaw pain following full dental crowns. Lab temps from wax up don't seem to fit well. Occlusion, severe jaw pain.

Had a full dental prep for crowns 10 days ago due to loss of volume b/c of grinding/clenching. Day following prep, 3 lab made temps came out 3 different times and dentist remade those temps. Since then, I have had problems with jaw pain and occlusion. I have had 3 adjustments to my bite with no relief. The pain is terrible! Temps feel loose, unstable and seem to shift. Can temps be removed and new impressions sent off to the lab? I don't feel like this set of temps has been right from beginning

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Get back to your dentist ASAP

if the temps do not feel right when biting down and your jaw and teeth are in severe pain you need to have your dentist fully evaluate the situation prior to the ceramic fabrication of your crowns.  This may be as simple as a bite adjustment of it may be as complex as the need for root canal treatment. Communication is key.  Be sure to bring up all your concerns at your dental visit and be sure you fully understand the situation and possible treatment outcomes going forward prior to your permanents being made up.

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Full Mouth Crowns

There are way too many variables to go into for the cause of your pain.  Remember,  they are temporaries and many time can be uncomfortable.  If severe,  schedule an appointment with your dentist to evaluate your bite and make any necessary adjustments.  

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Pain after crowns

Temps can be removed and remade easily. The most important problem is that you need to have your bite comfortable and stable before your final restorations are made. I suggest putting your restorations on hold until your dentist can figure out the current problem. 

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