Have any Doctors used Seri- Silk? How long has your patient had it?

If you have used Seri-Silk, how long has your patient had it and what complications has their been ? If no patient of yours has it, please provide your opinion on the complications vs the benefits. Thank you

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Seri Silk

I have used it at least 4 times, each for a different reason.  Three times in the breast and once for the abdomen.  None of my patients have had  a problem with it so far, the longest being 7 months; the shortest is 2 months.

Typical complications with mesh are likely to be less with Seri, such as infection and extrusion, but not impossible.  Benefits seem to be similar, but since it is relatively new, there is less experience so far  What has been seen has been extremely positive.

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SERI silk scaffolding

I have used SERI silk only once.  It is relatively new on the market so I doubt anyone has too much experience with it at this point.  SERI silk is a transitory scaffold for the ingrowth of the patient's own tissue, after which, it breaks down and goes away.  It has a number of uses.  When I used it, I thought it was kind of flimsy and hard to work with, however, that was just one experience with it.  Others may have a different experience.  There are other materials out there, such as Strattice, Surgimend, Alloderm, etc., that do similar things.  Since you did not give a reason for your question, it is hard to tell you if SERI or something else might work best for you.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
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Have any Doctors used Seri- Silk? How long has your patient had it?

This is a relatively new product, being heavily promoted for use mostly in breast reconstruction.

I do believe that it has a place in certain clinical applications, as an alternative to an acellular dermal matrix.  Most surgeons do not have a lot of experience with it, given its recent introduction into the market.

I would discuss your question with your surgeon.  An experienced surgeon will know why he/she is wanting to use this product instead of the alternatives.

Paul H. Rhee, MD, FACS
Castle Rock Plastic Surgeon
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