Around how much does it cost to get a skin graft removed from my thigh area?

I have a big, ugly skin graft on my thigh area and I wanted to see if I could get it removed or to make it look less appearing.

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Removal of a Skin Graft from the Thigh

The cost to remove scar depends on how big the scar is and where it is. Relatively large scars can be improved if the skin around them is relatively loose. There is not a lot of skin on the thigh, so removal of a "big" skin graft may not be possible with a simple excision. A tissue expander may be needed to excise the graft. If, however, the graft is "ugly" for a reason that can be treated by laser or other means, then that may be what you need instead. The cost will, therefore, be determined by what is done.To determine both, you need to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can determine the options and discuss your desires and the costs of the different options.

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Skin Graft Removal

Please post photos for further evaluation. Without further details or an in person evaluation, cost cannot be determined. I suggest consulting an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Costs for skin graft removal

This is a very difficult question to actually put a dollar amount on. You say it is "big" so that means it will cost a lot more since it is more surgery to do. Also you would not have a skin graft there if the tissues that were there before could have been closed without a graft. So to get rid of large grafts may require a series of excisions over several months to let the normal skin stretch out between each surgery , so eventually you have normal skin without graft. Though I have provided some basic information, you need to be seen by a plastic surgeon to get any specific advice for your situation. Good luck.

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