Age 56, got my LASIK surgery 3 days ago. Worried about blurry and unfocused vision for distanced objects. What to expect?

Surgery went well and first 6hours took me to get my vision cleared up for near objects but the far vision is not well. Visited the surgeon again and he told me that the cornea has overreacted and I need to give it some more time. The vision is getting me tensed i was +4 and now I am -1.75 for distance after surgery. I am using anti inflammatory drops and gel solution every 5 times a day. Kindly doctors guide what to expect and how to react to this. Will I recover ? Temporary glases don't help.

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Temporary blurriness after Lasik

It is extremely common to be overcorrected after farsighted Lasik, and this can take a few weeks or months to clear up. If it does not, an enhancement treatment can be done. In a few more days, you can be given a temporary set of glasses to help with the distance vision if it is still a problem.

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