Skinny girl wanting to know what would work best? (photos)

I have acquired from my family, the skinny petite gene, sadly...I hate the dips on the side of my buttocks and want actual hips! Is it possible with both implants and Brazilian butt lift to achieve a balance? With sutgery could my lower half be just as wide? Implants for the dips and the fat for my hips to go outward more? I'm not primarily wanting a bigger bum. Just a different shape. Am I too skinny (115 lbs, 5'4) to take any fat off or no? Which implants would work best for me (shape, size)?

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Breast augmentation and BBL?

You certainly can have breast implants, but I do not think that you have enough fat for a BBL. You might need implants instead.

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Skinny woman buttocks / hips reshaping

Yes you are a candidate assuming your goals are reasonable. Next step would be to research and find an experienced buttocks implant surgeon as its not performed by all surgeons.


David Shifrin, MD
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