Will this Juvederm swelling go away even though I'm 16 days post-injection? Is it overfilled? (Photo)

I got one vial of Juvederm put in my lips 16 days ago, with 75% of it going into my thin upper lip. I am satisfied with the appearance of my actual lips, but I've had two people recently ask me why my upper lip was swollen. They were referring to the skin above the actual lip. Will this go away, or is my upper lip overfilled? It's slightly more noticable in person than in the picture.

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Overfilled with # Juvederm?

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Looks good to me! But I think perhaps a side view might show the swelling you are referring to. I do find that subtle swelling does go down for a full month, although this is not usually something my patients notice. If it does not resolve, you can either have a little Botox to the upper lip to evert it (turn it up a bit), which will push down the upper lip above the vermillion border, or have a little hyaluronidase. Make sure your injector puts the filler in the lip itself only next time, not in the upper cutaneous lip.

New York Dermatologist
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Overfilled with Juvederm

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From your photo your lips look good. But i would agree with one of the posts that said a side view photo my give us a better idea of projection or overfilled.   

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling of lips after Juvederm, Restylane or Belotero filler

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Any filler can cause swelling above the area from the trauma but this swelling usually goes away in a week or so. If it's much longer than it may be that some of the filler has gone into the surrounding area during the injection (usually filler doesn't spread or migrate after the treatment).  Some patients need only a small amount of a syringe (not vial) for the upper lip.  If there is a chance that you're overfilled (as you say the photographs don't reflect your true image well) then you should see the doctor who injected you and possibly they may inject some enzyme, hyaluronidase, to reduce the volume.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip Injections

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To my eye, the upper lip looks just fine. In fact, it is a relief to see a lip complaint on Real Self that is not accompanied by a badly (if not grotesquely) distorted picture of lips. If there is a problem, however, it is actually in the lower lip. This should be addressed to make the upper lip: lower lip ration closer to the "golden ratio" of 1: 1.6. Further, the right side of the lower lip is less developed than the left side, so this should be evened out. 
  By the way, you might check out the work of Dr. Steve Marquardt at Marquardt Beauty Analysis. It has long been known, since ancient times, that 1:1.6  or phi is the golden ratio. This is found throughout nature in flower petals, shells such as the nautilus, butterflies etc. It is no less significant in humans where the most beautiful women, either are blessed  with 1:1.6 ratios or approximate this ratio. Besides the lips, these include nose length to medial canthal length ( the medial canthus being the furthest inner reach of the eye); apex of the cheek to the medial canthus etc. The other ratios can be found on Dr. Marquandt's site. An interesting feature at his site, is the ability to take one of your own pictures and assess how close you come to this ideal beauty. You can compare yourself to beauties of the past such as Cleopatra and beauties of the current such as Giselle Bunchen. 
  At any rate, I don't think your lips look bad at all, and minor tweaking should make them perfect. This in contrast to the terrible lip job done on Rachel Wilson. Watching the Lone Ranger last night, I was not sure which was worse the movie itself, which deserved much better editing, or the cosmetic work done to poor Rachel Wilson, an otherwise great actress. I found her lips very disconcerting as they moved every which way when she spoke or gesticulated.  When are these actresses going to realize that the duck bill look is NOT attractive??!

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Will this Juvederm swelling go away even though I'm 16 days post-injection? Is it overfilled?

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In Person examination ALWAYS better than viewing your self posted photos. Because I do not see any issue... 

Lips don't look right after Juvederm because your cupids bow is much smaller

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The injector didn't inject properly. They didn't pay attention to the natural anatomy and created sausage lips. They just injected straight across and didn't pay attention to the cupids bow or tuberacle of the lip. This won't go down anytime soon without hyaluronidase.  I think using canulas creates a natural looking lip by just enhancing the overall volume of the lip and then you can go back with a needle and accentuate the areas needing highlighting.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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