Dermastamp ruined my skin & caused white scar tissue-please help! I'll travel anywhere! Fraxel Restore? C02? Laviv? Infini? Fat?

I had acne scars on my chin & went to a derm's office last year & his esthetician did 3 dermastamp treatments. I now have WHITE scar tissue on my chin from this, & large areas of slight indentations from the acne scars. I've also had quite a bit of electrolysis in this area & this is why I was doing dermastamp vs laser. Another derm has looked & said I could still do subcision of the area, followed by C02 laser, but I'm terrified I could make it worse! I will travel anywhere! Is there hope?

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Scarring and scar revision

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Hard to give advice without a very close examination. Scars can take up to one year to heal, I would be guided by your dermatologist advice, as they have first hand info. on what was done, and can also perform test patch to see how YOUR skin reacts. Co2 is an option, erbium is another, really depends on your scars. Regardless, 99% of scars can be improved, no matter how severe.All the bestDr Davin Lim Laser and aesthetic dermatologistBrisbane, Australia. 

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