Can Air Pocket Burst from Sleeping on Your Stomach?

Had smooth round high profile gel cohesive implanted overseas 6 mnths ago, w/ no problem till now. 2 wks ago for 1st time since augmentation, I slept on my stomach. I heard a LOUD squeaking sound emanating from my breasts, like air being let out. This ws followed by a feeling of tightness 1st on left breast & now on both breasts - mostly on the side facing sternum. Now tightness PLUS soreness has mved to chest area. Im WORRIED. Note I started lifting 3 lb. weights ~ 1 mo ago

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Squeeking breast implant after exercise

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You did not mention the type of implant, smooth or textured, highly cohesive, submuscular? What I can tell you is that there is no air around the implant. After exercise a textured implant, and much less often a smooth implant, will have just enough friction in the pocket to cause a rub which leads to inflammation, some fluid and tightness. The solution in the short term is rest, no upper body weights, a snug bra, and anti inflammatory medication.

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Popping after breast augmentation

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Popping following breast augmentation using gell implants without any trauma at 6 months is unusual but maybe you got a tear in the capsule that forms around your impant. This capsule is well formed as early as one monhth following augmentation and will continue to thicken with time.

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