Air Bubble in Left Breast 10 Months Post Surgery?

I had my 2nd breast augment in December of 2009. No complications the first time in December 2008, I just wanted larger implants. Both times saline implants were used. The first time I didn't have any problems, and the second time no problems either except I feel an air bubble type thing in my left breast. It isn't very visible, but I can feel it when I touch it. It isn't a ripple. I heard air bubbles are normal, but even almost a year later it still isn't gone. Is that normal? Will it go away?

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Air bubble after Breast Augmentation

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By one year, all air in the soft tissues and/or implant is absorbed. It is likely that you are feeling a "bubble" or pop of the implant edge under your fingertips. This is more common with larger implants which exert more tissue stretch, more overlying tissue thinning, and more implant perceptibility. 

"Air Bubbles" In Augmented Breast 10 monthsAFTER Surgery

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Although air is introduced into the breast pocket with the implant, it NEVER lasts. The air is rap[idly absorbed. The only reason for the feeling you describe may be feeling the breast fold in an implant with insufficient soft tissue cover. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Air bubble in a saline implant

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What you are feeling probably isn't an air bubble but rather the implant itself where there is a fold in it.  The bigger you go, the more the tissues thin out and the more easily you feel these things.  Check back with your surgeon to be sure.

Air bubble

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This Is perfectly normal and will disappear in the next few weeks. It is from air and fluid (irrigation, local anesthetic, serum, etc) in the pocket which will be naturally absorbed over time.

"Air bubbles"

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It sounds as if you are feeling the lower seam of the implant, the edge where the front of the implant meets the back. All implants can ripple and create knuckles where the folds bend. This may be what you are feeling that feels like bubbles. This is normal with breast implants and is more prominent in thin patients.

Air bubble or funny feeling lump 10 months after breast implant augmentation

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Air bubbles one year after augmentation are generally not normal. IT is my guess that you are feeling an implant valve or other fold or wrinkle in the implant and possibly fat necrosis, a cyst or suture abscess. Discuss your findings with your surgeon. An ultrasound may be useful

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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