Aiding Before and After Surgery?

Thank you for all your advices. Very helpful. I'm very anxious yet excited about my tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery! I like to know how I could lower my anxiety as well as any suggestions to do and vitamins to take before and after the surgery to assist the healing process. Thanks. Melody

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Preparing for surgery

Eating a well balanced diet is the best choice to prepare your body for surgery.  A multivitamin may be supplemented as well.  Check with your surgeon before adding any supplements, as some should actually be avoided prior to surgery.  Some minor anxiety is normal prior to surgery.  Talk with your surgeon about your concerns and make sure that you are comfortable and have your questions answered.    

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Aiding Before and After Surgery?

Assuming that your general health is good and your nutritional is ok, there is really no evidence that supplements help with wound healing. Wound healing has a high priority in metabolism and it is hard to slow it down save for deficiencies, for example, in vitamin C (scurvy), which are extremely unusual in the US.

Best of luck with your upcoming procedure.

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There is no medical evidence to suggest that taking any vitamins is of any benefit to patients if they are well nourished

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Aiding Before and After Surgery?

If you are well nourished there is no reason for supplements. In fact we have patients stop all supplements for a period before surgery since their manufacture is not regulated and we have no way of knowing what precisely is in them and how they may affect the surgical risks. As to anxiety, your surgeon should be able to prescribe something to help with that. It is quite normal and will be totally gone when you wake up from the surgery. You will undoubtedly be thrilled with the results.

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Mommy Makeover What to Do Before and After

     If you are in good general health and all medical conditions have been managed, adequate protein intake as well as a multivitamin can be useful.   Some doctors recommend arnica among other things.  Ask your plastic surgeon about these things.  I have preop and postop instructions that are given to the patients to read as well.

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