What Agressive Treatment Option Would You Recommend for Dark Blue/purple Circles That Are Vascular in Nature? (photo)

I've had purpleish vascular activity under my eyes for 5 yrs. Seen many docs & tried all the creams as well as IPL. Most docs say there is little I can do, but it bothers me such that I'm ready to try aggressive treatment like Restylane or more IPL/laser. An oculoplastic surgeon said Restylane was an option, but wasn't sure of results. It's clear the discoloration is vascular, not just shadowing. I also see the undereye area is hollow overall. Which aggressive treatment would you recommend?

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Treatment Options for Dark Blue Circles Under the Eyes

First of all I would do nothing aggressive!  From the photos it looks like you have some mild discoloration in the lower medial corners with very mild hollow areas.  If it is clear that the discoloration is vascular, you may want to try a different laser that targets vascular issues better that an IPL machine such as a V-Beam laser.  A filler may help with the mild hollow area but this is a tricky area so be sure you go to someone that has a lot of experience injecting under the eyes.  It will NOT help with the vascular discoloration and can sometimes lead to a faint bluish discoloration due to the Tyndall Effect.   Please don't be aggressive here.  A good concealer might be the best way to go.

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