Should the Lapband and or the port be removed? Can only the port be removed? What is wait time to do another band or port?

Lapband 2008. Tummy Tuck 2014. Wound seperation after TT. Culture done. MRSA found. Started IV antibodies daily X 4 months. Another culture done. MRSA cleared. Present culture yeast infection. Currently taking Bactrium DS BID Fluconazole daily. Started oral in July. It has been 18 days for oral antibodies. The pain is at the port site when touch. No fever chills reddness. Seroma present. PS extracted it was clear. Ultra sound results Infection around port Lapband no erosion.

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Infected Lap band port need to be removed

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If there is confirmed infection around the port, then it should be removed.  If there is nothing wrong with the band, the band does not need to come out, only the port.  Once the infection is treated, then you can have another port placed.  The infection will never get better as long as the port remains in place.  

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