Can I Try Agian to Use Laser to Remove Hair, Even Though It's Failed In The Past?

I have fair skin and dark hiar .2 years ago I done 8 treatment to remove hiar in my face but It didnt work .Now I want to try to remove hiar.Can I try agian ?It is safe to me or not?

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Laser Hair Removal Results

Lasers can only remove existing hair. However, they cannot prevent new ones from growing. Lasers do result in the permanent reduction in the number of hairs. This is important to understand. They do not result in the permanent and complete elimination of hair from a given region. The reason is because new hair follicles can develop. The nature of this is different for different patients and is usually governed by genetics. 

It is important to speak to a board certified dermatologist about safety factors in resuming laser hair removal treatments

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Trying laser hair removal again

Fair skin and dark hair is the best combination to get optimal effects from laser hair removal. As laser technology advances, the ability to treat individuals of all skin types and all hair colors broadens. Proper patient selection, pretreatment preparation, understanding of the principles of laser safety, and laser selection are necessary for successful laser treatment. Approximately 15-30% long-term hair loss may be observed with each treatment when optimal parameters are used. In my office, we use the GentleMAX laser by Candela and see excellent results with your skin type. You should find out what laser was used for your previous treatments and make sure to try a different laser next time.

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Hair removal

Hair removal works best on people who are fair skinned with dark hair. I'm sorry you didn't have any results. I would determine what type of machine was used on you last time, and avoid using that same machine again. There' s nothing wrong with undergoing another treatment series, in fact, all hair removal series require some maintenance, i.e., a treatment or two a year. As your body ages, new hair follicles will develop. Receivng maintenance treatments allows these new follicles to undergo treatment as well. 


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