What Options do I Have for Correcting Aggressive Blepharoplasty?

I had an upper blepharoplasty 12 days ago. I'm in my early 30s. It was supposed to be conservative but it appears it was quite aggressive. I know that I should wait longer to see how the surgery heals but what options are available if it was aggressive?

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Revision upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Upper and lower eyelid skin is very sensitive and will remain inflammed for months after surgery. therefore, if you are considering upper eyelid revision surgery you need to wait at least five months. Many precieved problems resolve themselves during this time. "aggressive upper eyelid surgery results" can be due to excess skin removal or excess fat removal. upper eyelid skin stretches significantly during the first six months after surgery. upper eyelid hollowing that results from aggressive upper eyelid fat removal can be helped with microfat injection.

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What Options do I Have for Correcting Aggressive Blepharoplasty?

You need to allow up to three months in order to see the final results of the upper eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) IMHO.  You might want to speak with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Blepharoplasty so you can understand what was done during your surgery.

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Correction of aggressive eyelid surgery

You answered your own question, and are correct in judging that you should wait longer to evaluate your final result.  Options for revision depend on your subsequent presentation.

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At 12 days out, it is impossible to know your options.

It will be an even greater mistake to seek immediate corrective surgery unless you are having acute corneal breakdown because your eyes are not closing.  Even then, generally, we temporize to make the eyes more comfortable.  Once you are two or three months out, it is much clearer what you are likely need regarding reconstruction.  There are many, many options but precisely what you need can only be determined with a personal examination.  I recommend that for know, you seek a second opinion but try not to get corralled into more surgery unitl you have healed from the immediate surgery.  If you are still comfortable with the surgeon, seek to them frankly regarding your concerns.  If you feel traumatized by the surgeon, try to find someone else to manage your post-operative care.  An ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon can assess your eyes if dry eye is part of your issues and help you with eye comfort until you have healed to the point of being ready for reconstructive eyelid surgery if this is actually necessary.

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