What Age to Get Rhinoplasty?

I know the youngest age to get rhinoplasty is around 14-15, but maybe I'm an exception because I've hit puberty very early, just two months after I turned 10. I'm 13 now, can I get rhinoplasty without worrying about any future complications? I know any surgery has its risks, but I mean is my nose pretty much done growing? I want some opinions about my physical maturity before I get a consultation.

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What age rhinoplasty?

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13 is just too young.  We would rather see you at 16 or 18.  We need to make sure you have stopped growing.  This can be done with xrays of the hands to see if the growth zones of your bones have closed yet.  Generally, however, once our reach age 16 and have not grown for 6 months you should be old enough.  The risk of doing the operation too early is that if you hit a growth spurt afterwards, the nose could grow crooked. 

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Age for Rhinoplasty

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The maturity of ones facial structures including the nose are a reason to defer the age of facial surgery that is not functional in reason. In average most nasal structures mature around the age of sixteen years old.


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Rhinoplasty at age 13

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There are those who mature quickly and growth might allow them to complete a rhinoplasty as young as 13. You might make better decisions however when a year or two older, perhaps when you finish middle school and most would suggest you wait a bit longer.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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