Am I at the Right Age to Do a Nose Job?

you see, i was very young when i had an accident and it took me a while to fully understand what happened to my nose. now every day since i knew, i have been thinkin to correct and that i would be MUCH happier with a nose,... thats corrected XD. please, every one in my family has told me that i am not mature enough to do i? (the nose is visibly crooked and the tip is pointed downwards just so you have a description)

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Age for a Nose Job

We usually advise a young patient to wait for surgery until they are physically mature. For ladies that is 14-16 years of age; for men, it is 16-18 years of age. I assume you are a minor, or you wouldn't  be asking the question, and therefore you do need parental or guardian permission. I understand your frustration. Best of luck.

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Right age to do a nose job

Rule of thumb is at least 16 years of age. But there are always exceptions. Seek 3 opinions from boarded surgeons in your area.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Rhinoplasty Age

As other posters have correctly noted, consideration of Rhinoplasty is most appropriate after the mid-face (upper jaw)  has been allowed to grow and develop. This age is generally around age 16, depending on the individual.  This allows for correction of your traumatic injury without causing a secondary problem.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Age to do rhinoplasty in a female.

Normally females can have a rhinoplasty at 14 or 15 years of age. Males 17-18 years of age. If you have started your menses and are not growing you can have this done.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Age for rhinoplasty

The nose, specifically the septum (the wall that separates the two sides of the nose) serves as the focal point or center for midfacial growth. Prematurely disturbing this growth center to repair a deviated septum could lead to abnormal development of the face. Therefore, it is essential that a qualified surgeon evaluate your facial growth and assure that it is an appropriate time to consider a rhinoplasty.  Many teenage girls can have rhinoplasty approximately one to two years after their menarche (first menstrual period). Teenage boys are more variable, but the surgery can typically be performed successfully by age 16.

As long as surgery was performed at the appropriate time, your nose should not continue to grow, but will actually contract. The healing process actually takes an entire year and your nasal skin will slowly contract over the structural framework of bone and cartilage.

It is also important that you are psychologically mature enough to handle this type of surgery.  Cosmetic rhinoplasty should be performed once a patient is mature enough to understand the implications of changing your body image. 

Based on your photographs, it appears you have a fairly deviated nose that would likely require combined septoplasty and rhinoplasty.  A more thorough evaluation and exam would be necessary.

Etai Funk, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Optimum Age for Rhinoplasty

Based on your photograph I cannot guess your age but I can fully understand your frustration with your nose. There is no reason you could not have a Nose Surgery starting at age 16 or so if you a re emotionally mature and understand what can and cannot be accomplished by the operation.

You appear to have a facial asymmetry with thick skin (?Indian ? Asian). The bridge of your nose is seriously deviated to your left while the tip is deviated to your right. The nasal tip is large bulbous and over-hanging. You would probably benefit from a Rhinoplasty / Septoplasty in which the nose would be straightened, the tip refined which would require cartilage grafting to the tip of the nose to give it a smaller more defined look.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Age for Rhinoplasty

My general rule is to wait until the facial bones are mature.  For males that is around 17 to 21 years of age and for females 14 to 16 years of age.  I usually base female age on the start of menses and prefer to that  my female patients have stable menstration history for one year.

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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