Age minimum for I-Lipo/ Smart Lipo? (photo)

My daughter is a 15 near 16 year old girl who would like I-Lipo on her stomach and thighs. She has very bad asthma so she can't exercise and due to the asthma and allergy medications, her metabolism is very slow, so dieting doesn't help in loosing weight. She is not seriously overweight, but we believe that if she can loose some of the fat that she doesn't want, she'll have more self-confidence. Before we seriously consider having this done, I would like to know if she is eligible for this procedure.

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it's not the usual but I have done this type of procedure in highly selected teenagers who are well motivated and are not really overweight.given the right set of circumstances the results can be extremely gratifying both physically and psychologically. Spend some real quality time with a board certified plastic surgeon and see what you think. Good luck.

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