Age Linked with Accutane Treatment Results?

I was wondering whether age had anything to do with the response you receive from accutane treatment? E.g. Would an 18 year old with moderate acne (only on the face) see better results than someone in their 30's/40's? Also, would the acne be less likely to come back depending on what age you started the accutane treatment? (because of how early you treated the acne as I have had it for 1 or 2 years but I have recently started my accutane treatment after trying many antibiotics & topical gels)

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Is age linked with Accutane results

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We do not calculate anything to do with Accutane, with age. It's more about classifying the type and severity of the acne, in relation to the patient's weight, and then determining necessary mg dosage. Some also has to do with diet because Accutane is better absorbed with fatty foods (except a newer form of Isotretinoin called Absorica that can be taken with less fat). Acne doesn't have anything to do with age: you can get it at 13, you can get it at 73, and we treat it the same way.

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