Recommended Age to Get Functional Rhinoplasty?

I'm 15 years old, and I have always had a really crooked nose (due to genetics), also I can only breathe through one nostril effectively and thus I get light headed really easily.

I was wondering if I should see a specialist and if I were in need of surgery how long I would have to wait for surgery because of my age. Also, is it even possible to re-shape a nose that has never been broken?

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Preferred age for nasal surgery is 16

It is possible to straighten and reshape a nose that has never been broken. The septoplasty can also be performed, but the patient should probably wait until age 16 before proceeding and embarking on this type of procedure.

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Rhinoplasty...At What Age is Functional Rhinoplasty Indicated?

Hi Phil,

If your nasal breathing is very limited, then at 15 years old it is okay to go ahead with a septoplasty.

For rhinoplasty I prefer to wait until my patients have gone through puberty, and they have either slowed down or stopped growing. Usually that means that your shoe size is stable, and you don't need to buy new clothes every six months (because of size changes, not because of fashion trends).

It is possible to reshape a nose that has never been broken. Often by correcting the deviated septum, the crookedness of the external nose is diminished.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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15 years old is old enough

Generally the rule of thumb for most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons is whether or not a patient has reached puberty and also whether facial development appears to be complete. I have operated on many teenagers including many who have functional problems.

I would recommend going to someone with experience in teenage Rhinoplasty and who is either a Facial Plastic Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon. It might be best to consider someone with at least 10 years of experience and who has done at least 500 cases. With this particular procedure Experience really is the best teacher!

Many of the noses that we work on have never been broken so this should not be a concern.

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Rhinoplasty surgery should be performed after puberty.

You should certainly see a certified, experienced, rhinoplasty surgeon for an opinion regarding your appearance. I have performed Rhinoplasty on post-pubescent 15 year old children. You should be certain of the expertise of your surgeon before proceeding. Try to see as many photos as possible before proceeding.

Best regards.

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