At What Age Does Drooping/lengthening/"growth" Actually Become Apparent on a Person's Nose

Does it happen gradually over ten years, or quickly, over three years or less? This is not including any injuries or trauma to the nose. If I liked my nose when I was 21, when would there be a visible change?

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Aging and the nose

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Overtime, there are definitely some changes to the nose and face as we age. The nasal tip may get a bit wider and thicker, the tip may droop subtlely.  Everyone ages differently.

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Gravity and Nasal Aging

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Hopefully all of us experience the effect of gravity during  aging process because the alternative is not good. We know that the nose will lengthen and droop with time but when this actually occurs is individually different depending on genetics, life style, and ethnic group. Changes will occur very gradually over many years and you will be the first to notice. I'm sorry but there's no crystal ball here

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