Does Age Make a Difference In The Success Of Cosmetic Surgery? I Need A TT, Body Lift, Thigh Lift?

i had a tummy tuck about 3 years ago and thigh reduction 18 months ago i am not happy with results of thigh surgery and went to another surgeon who has suggested a further tummy tuck and thigh lift and body lift. should i consider i'm 52 and have been the same weight since first procedure. i originally lost 30kgs and have maintained for many years. i don't smoke and healthy except for oestio arthritis.

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Age and Plastic Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

As far as the aesthetic end results of plastic surgery are concerned I don't believe age  plays as an important  a role as  does skin elasticity  (which may change with age and/or weight loss, sun exposure...)

In regards to your dissatisfaction with the results of the surgery  it is not possible to give you good advice without direct examination or pictures. It may behoove you to seek consultation with a few well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

I hope this helps.

Age and plastic surgery

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Age is immaterial as long as you are medically healthy and desire further enhancement.


Tummy Tuck - Does Age Make a Difference In The Success Of Cosmetic Surgery? I Need A TT, Body Lift, Thigh Lift?

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Age is one of the MANY factors that go into the success of cosmetic surgery.

Among them are the preoperative appearance (the anatomy), the surgical decisions made, the manner in which the surgery is performed and how the patient heals, both in general and for any procedure in question.  In your case, having lost a lot of weight is obviously great, but it also suggests that you had some excess laxity (looseness) in your skin.  Although your surgeon took out as much tissue as he/she thought was reasonable and safe, your skin was unable to remain as tight as everyone would have wanted.

It's not unheard of to want or need to revise procedures such as these (ie, to go back and take out more tissue).  What did your own PS say?  I have seen patients for second consults with situations such as this and, depending on what they look like, I often suggest that they return to their primary surgeon to see if something can be done (ie, as long as it appears that the original surgery was done acceptably).  That has actually provided some comfort and relief to those patients.

Getting additional opinions is always a good idea if there's any question at all, but that can include your original surgeon.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Age and body contouring / tt

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The elements which contribute to good results of body contouring are both patient and surgeon related.  Your 30kg weight loss is significant. 

The better the skin elasticity and general health of the patient, the better the result for that individual of any given operation in body contouring.

And, the surgeon need to select the right procedure - how much skin excision, where are the scars ideally positioned, how much liposuction contouring is necessary - these are the considerations.

Most patients in my practice with a more than 30kg weight loss would be more suited to body lift surgery than a tt, however not all, and examination is necessary to provide the best individual advice on this.

Age is not a factor.  A healthy patient, reasonable skin, a well designed procedure and healthy realistic expectations of what you as an individual can achieve are the relevant factors.  Good luck.

Persistence of Laxity

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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, recurrence of laxity is the rule and not the exception when it comes to body contouring, tummy tuck and thigh lift, after significant weight loss.

The elasticity, or the ability for skin to snap back after being stretched, decreased with age and sometimes vanishes after large amounts of weight loss.

It is not surprising that even after all you have done, you might benefit from additional tightening of your tummy tuck, body lift, and/or thigh lift.

I wish I could give you better news.  I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Age does play an important role in skin elasticity

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Age does play an important role in skin elasticity.    At your age and after your substantial weight loss, your skin elasticity has decreased substantially.   It is reasonable to believe you can have a good result, and it is also reasonable to believe it may take more than one procedure.    I agree with doing one area first and seeing if you are satisfied.   If you are and want to proceed to the next area you can do so and also have moderate revision surgery of the first area at that time...

Alan Weiss, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Age and cosmetic surgery

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Age definitely plays a role in terms of skin laxity. Without photographs and examinaton, it is impossible to ascertain whether your dissatisfaction is related to skin elasticity or the general results. Your new surgeon is proposing a lot of surgery so, if you elect to go forward, it might be prudent to begin with one area and then conclude whether the further surgery has achieved the desired results before proceeding with more.

Skin elasticity and plastic surgery

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Aging and weight gain and loss and genetics determine the elasticity of the skin and that determines the tightness of the result you get from body lifting.  It is impossible to tighten you enough without the risk of severe complications if the elasticity of the skin is poor.  In other words, it will always be somewhat loose and all the surgery can do is remove the excess but not produce tightness.

Unhappy surgical results

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Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to say too much without seeing your photos.

I understand that it is the result of surgery on your  thighs that you are unhappy about. I'm not sure why the plastic surgeon that you saw would recommend revision abdominoplasty. Again I would like to see some photos.

I do believe that age plays a big part in surgical results. Your skin loses elasticity with age and with the huge weight loss that you have had.  By the way, congratulations on your weight loss and maintaining your current weight.

Unfortunately, Thigh skin is not very resilent to the ravages of time and stretch. Gravity is working against your as well, especially if you have had a thigh lift done around the groin area as compared to having a vertical scar down the leg.

It never hurts to seek an opinion from another plastic surgeon, especially one is experienced in weight loss surgery.

Ask to look at before and after photographs as well to give you some idea of what to expect from surgical results.


Isolde Hertess, MD
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon

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