At What Age Should a Brow Lift Be Done?

I read somewhere here that a brow lift might not be permanent if done too young. At what age should it be done so that it will not need to be redone again?

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Browlift age

There is no set age for when a browl ift should be performed.  It really depends upon the patient's anatomy and their problems.

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Age for browlift

There is no age requirement for a browlift. The browlift operation is done for patient’s who have low eyebrows, irrespective of the age. In addition, adjustments of the frontalis, corrugator and procerus muscles are performed when the aging process sets in and create forehead wrinkles.  

William Portuese, MD
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Age for Browlift

A browlift may actually last longer in a young patient because it is an inherited characteristic and not secondary to the aging process. I have done browlifts in young ladies that have still looked good more than 15 years later. Why put up with an undesireable physical appearance? Regardless of age, you will always look better after surgery than you would if you did not have the browlift.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Preventing the need to re-do a procedure

Your question is a little deceptive in that there are many unsaid assumptions. First, no procedure is permanent. All we do with any procedure, including a brow lift, is reverse much of what has occurred from aging and gravity. Afterwards you will continue to age. What we have attempted to do is redesign procedures so that aging after the procedure will be at the same or slower rate than before surgery. Initially, when doing endoscopic brow lifts, our fixation methods were not adequate to obtain this goal.

Now, however, fixation is better and the rate of aging after the brow lift is no faster, if not slower, than normal. The second part is what do you want to look like in 10 or more years? If you are happy with looking better than others look your age (what you achieved with the initial procedure), then you will need nothing else done. If, however, you want to continue to look even younger and more rested, similar to what you looked like right after the initial procedure, you will need another procedure in the future. In other words, we can only reverse and, to some extent, slow aging, we cannot stop it.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon
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