Age 26, Skin Sagging Solutions?

I'm paranoid about my appearance, and one problem I have is my family hereditary has under chin sagging I am beginning to develop. Money is very limited, so I want to hear the best options out there to fix this. I don't exercise as much as I should, but I'm rather thin... I'm actually getting afraid to eat food in fear of increasing this issue, which is worrying my family, so I decided it was time to ask professionals. The sagging is mind, and only truly noticeable in profile or when I look down.

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Sagging skin under chin, Cellulaze skin tightening

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Everyone's skin feels looser and sags when we look down.

Since you don't have much fat your best options are Cellulaze internal laser or other external radiofrequency devices and lasers.

Since Cellulaze is the only one treatment option which lasts for years you may be best off saving your money for this.

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