Age 25 Can I Use Invisalign? (photo)

Hello sir, This is shashi kant srivastava. i want to use Invisalign for my teeth. my age 25. few doctor says. due to my age i can not use Invisalign. please sir, inform me. Age is matter ?

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Can I have invisalign if I am 25 years old

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Age is not a limiting factor in whether you are a candidate for invisalign or not.  From the photos you have provided you look like you are a candidate for invisalign.  Seek care from a qualified dentist to be examined

Philadelphia Dentist
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25 with Invisilign

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25 is a great age to begin Invisilign treatment. You should have a great deal of improvement with it!

Svetlana Novak, DMD
Natick Dentist

Invisalign Works for 25 Year Old

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Your age of 25 should not be a problem at all. You should be ble to get improvement with Invisalign.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Age not a factor

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Considering I just completed invisalign on a 73 year old patient, I don't believe age is a factor in your case.  If a dentist is telling you that you are not a candidate due to your age, I'd find another invisalign dentist or an orthodontist for a 2nd opinion.  There are certain tooth movements that invisalign is not good for, and if you need these, you willl be better of with brackets.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Good Candidate for Invisalign

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Hi Shashikant...You would be a great candidate for invisalign.  I am not sure why the dentist you consulted with said you were not. I would go for two other invisalign consultations and see what two other doctors say before you decide to begin the procedure.  Good luck to you and 25 is a great age to start since you are mature enough to be compliant in wearing your aligners!  Take Care!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Age for Invisalign

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I would find another dentist for a consult. Age is not an issue, unless you are under 19 and irresponsible and don't wear the aligners as instructed.


Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

Can I use Invisalign at age 25

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Age is really not a factor in whether you can use Invisalign or not. It has to do with the position of your teeth and how much movement needs to be done. It is hard to see from the pictures where your teeth are, but any orthodontist can advise you on a correct path forward after an exam.

Tanya Vaysman, DMD
New York Orthodontist

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