Age 15. Would Botox fix my one eye?

Hi I'm Quinn and I have uneven eyes. One eye is perfect but the other one is sagier then the other. In the mirror they look even but to other people they look uneven. I want Botox to fix them.

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Eye asymmetry

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There are a number of reasons why you could have asymmetry in the eyes. I would recommend that you book an appt with your family doctor to discuss your concerns and possible treatment.  Best of luck

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Eye asymmetry

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Aloha Quinn, there are several variables in natural structure that need to be evaluated before you should consider Botox.  Seek a board certified plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist to help you determine if your issues can be changed, and whether they should be treated at all.  Most models and attractive people almost always have some degree of asymmetry in their appearance naturally.  Asymmetry of our appearance is what makes us "interesting" although severe asymmetry is less than desirable and distracting. 

Uneven eyes

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Botox works to reduce the function of muscle by blocking the nerve signals to them.  If your unevenness is related to the muscle function you may be able to improve this with Botox.  However, there are other causes of asymmetric eyes.  Your doctor should be able to advise you on the best way to proceed.  

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You first need an evaluation to see what is the cause of the unevenness. If your unevenness is due to a muscle, Botox can improve the unevenness in moist cases.     

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