After 7 Years my Implant is Now "Sloshing Around" Inside? (photo)

I posed a question the other day about trauma causing my breast to swell. I thought it was just a muscle strain. This morning when I got up the implant in the swollen breast felt like it was "sloshing" around in there. I've never felt this before. Kind of like how a waterbed feels when you sit on it. My breast is still swollen and sore and hurts when I breath deep. I'm starting to worry I ripped the pocket the implant was in or something.

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Fluid sloshing in pocket?

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Of course more information is critical, but you should see a plastic surgeon ASAP to be properly evaluated.

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After 7 Years my Implant is Now "Sloshing Around" Inside? (photo)

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From your detailed history and posted photo you need urgent examination by a boarded PSs in your city. Most likely you will need surgical intervention. Seek care soon. 

This significant change in your breast - requires an assessment

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There is clearly a dramatic difference in the shape and size of your breasts.


If the implants are saline, and the change is in the smaller bresat then it appears that you have a leaked implant.  The implant will need to be replaced.  Often there is warrenty that will offset some of the expenses related to this surgery.  This is not an urgent situation.  You can see your surgeon within the week.


If the change is in the larger breast - then you have a fluid collection around that implant that could be blood (hematoma) serous fliud (seroma) or an infection.  These need urgent attention.


All of these issues need to be assessed soon by a qualified PS.  If you are near your original surgeon, call his / her office for an urgent assessment.


Hopefully this information is of assistance.  All the best.  Dr. S. Barr, MD, FRCSC 

Scott Barr, MD
Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

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After 7 Years my Implant is Now "Sloshing Around" Inside

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Best advice is to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon. Assuming these both look similar until the recent trauma, something is clearly different. Possibilities include hematoma (Blood collection), seroma (Serum collection), swelling from the injury. No one on  line will be able to sort out the possibilities!

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Larger Breast and Sloshing after Trauma to Breast Implant

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  If there is pain on the breast that has become larger and there is noticeable fluid, this would merit an exam by a plastic surgeon.  I am not sure any damage was done to the pocket, but it is a curious occurrence so long after implant placement.  Most of the time the sloshing around is observed in the smaller breast after implant rupture.

After 7 Years - Implant Change

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Clearly there is a dramatic difference between the two breasts.  I strongly recommend an evaluation by a surgeon who specializes in breast revision surgery.  Obtaining your old operative note and implant information ahead of time will help the surgeon in his recommendations.  Some patients can form late seroma (a fluid collection) or possibly the trauma caused a late hematoma.  However, the right breast is so much smaller, I wonder if you might have a deflation in the right breast.  Nonetheless, your problem is correctable and mat even provide an opportunity to improve other thing that may have changed after 7 years.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck!

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