After 7 Years I Feel Like my Body is Rejecting the Implants, is This Possible?

Over the past 2 months I have had a niggling pain in the one spot of my right breast which would come and go. Then about 2 weeks ago my breasts felt like they were on fire, my underarms were sore to touch and I felt like I had a flu. I am on antibiotics which has dulled the pain but they stll both feel very sensitive and ache. I attempted breast feeding 18 months ago, without luck. This might have caused an infection? Also, I had a unltrasound a month ago, before the major pain, and it was clear

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Breast issues

Increased discomfort with breast implants and strange sensations may suggest several different things including capsular contractures, as well as infection to name a few. An evaluation in person may help figure out the cause.

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You need to see your surgeon

The change in the breast feel and shape can be due to many reasons. You need to see your surgeon to make sure very thing is OK. You can have  infection,leakage, capsular contracture or displacement but rejection is unlikely.

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