After 5 Weeks Porex Cheek Implant Surgery I Have Pain in Right Side, is It Infection?

hi, after 5 weeks, its a 2 days i hav pain in my right side,i can feel it when i open my mouth and when i eat ,even i cant eat... its painfull when i eat,but my left side is ok,my doctor is on a i cant connect him,im really worried.. i dont hav redness or sth else,just pain,could you tell me why i hav pain? thx

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Pain on one side after cheek implants

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Unfortunately, it's impossible to diagnose the cause of the pain on your right cheek without an examination.  If you can't see the surgeon who performed your cheek augmentation, I would see if your surgeon's office knows of another physician you could see.  If not, I would try seeing if your regular medical doctor might have a referral for you.        

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