After tumescent lipo of abdomen and flanks, I am post op day 8, when will the pain and drainage go away? (photo)

5 liters was removed from my abdominal area and flanks. I am still numb, and my two lower incision areas drain so much as soon as a gauze is removed. It literally pours out like a faucet running. Should I still be having this much drainage day 8 post op? Also I am still in so much pain, hurts to sit up or down, even walking still hurts so much. Mostly feels like my muscles are trying to stretch out again. When will this pain and drainage go away?

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Drainage after Liposuction

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In my experience there is minimal or no drainage 1-2 days following tumescent liposuction.  You should see your surgeon to make sure you have not developed a seroma.

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