Just After the Rhinoplasty is Done, at the Operation Room, Just Before You Put on the Cast, Stiches Etc.

Hi I was wondering if, just after the rhinoplasty is done, at the operation room, just before you put on the cast, stiches etc., do the surgeons see what the final shape be like? I thought it was not maybe swelled just minutes after the last corrections are done to the nose? Thanks

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How much swelling is there right before putting on a nasal cast.

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The amount of swelling varies from person to person but usually there's only a small amount of swelling in the nose before putting on nasal cast. The surgeon is quite familiar with this if he is experienced and takes this into consideration

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Result on operating room table after rhinoplasty

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That's a very good question.  There is indeed a variable degree of swelling of the skin envelope by the end of rhinoplasty.  For a long, open rhinoplasty there will be more than for a short, closed rhinoplasty.  Typically, though, the amount of swelling is not enough to drastically distort the appearance of the nose and the surgeon will have a very good idea of the final result - though the surgeon's experience in this regard certainly does play into it.  

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