What Next After the Braces? (photo)

I have had the braces in for two years, prior to getting them a previous dentist i saw extracted a tooth thus the uneven teeth on the upper jaw. I am happy with the progress so far with my bite. but that middle line in the upper jaw is what i need to acheive. My dentist says the braces come of in a month. I would like to know what to do next,should i take out all the 3 teeth and have dental impalnts? Thanks.

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Oh Boy

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In my opinion, there is no way your braces should be coming off in one month. There are many many things that can be done to correct or the very least improve your midline. It is way off the center of your facial midline. I would be crushed to end my treatment there.


You have a gorgeous profile, It would be a real shame to not have the front smile as attractive.


If I were in your shoes. I would have a frank, but nice and respectful conversation with your dentist. It may be they simply are not aware of the needed and possible mechanics that can be use to correct your midline. Be forewarned it will could double your treatment time.


I am soooo glad you used this forum to investigate this.


You always the have option to transfer your case to another doctor. If you do so, you will incur additional fees.


UNLESS you doctor was not aware of this desire of your from your treatment, he likely doesn't know how to fix it.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Talk to your doctor about your concerns BEFORE the braces are removed

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You have a tough situation.  It is hard to tell from your photos, but it appears you are missing an upper right lateral or central incisor.  As a result, it appears that in trying to close the remaining space, your upper midine went noticably off center.  There appear to be some remaining lower spaces, perhaps trying to compensate for extra overjet.  These things can be overcome, but may take more effort than you think.  An orthodontic specialist should be able to help you out with it though.

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

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