After Tear Trough Dermal Filling, Can I Still Do Radio Frequency for Face Lifting?

I just had my tear trough dermal filling, can I do radio frequency for face lifting after 2 weeks for 10 session? Per session will have an intermission of 2 weeks. Will the heat at the radio frequency melt the dermal filler?

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Radiofrequency has no place in the face!!!

The short answer is yes.  RF will decrease the longevity of the fillers and disgustingly enough, this is part of the sales pitch that the device salespeople tout- patients come back for fillers more frequently!  Even worse RF will cause fat atrophy which is equivalent to facial aging so stay away!  If that wasnt bad enough, these devices are designed to cause concentric deep scarring in your face which is hard to control and even harder to correct!  DONT DO IT!  If you are a candidate for RF tightening chances are that a talented injector can give you better results with filler or fat alone!


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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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