After Swelling Subsides Months After my Tummy Tuck, Will It Cause Lose Skin on my Abdomen Again?

I had my full tummy tuck 8 weeks ago, and I've been very very swollen since then and a little of the swelling is going away during the mornings, and I have lose skin on my belly when it's not swollen, will this go away? I do not want to have to get a revision due to having lose skin. How can I tell if they took enough skin off during surgery? Thank you

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Tummy Tuck Swelling

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After all of the swelling subsides you will be able to see your final results.  Most swelling takes 2-3 months to fully resolve.  Give it more time and if you still have concerns, consult your physician.

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Sagging after Tummy Tuck

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Hello and thank you for your question.

Eight weeks out from a tummy tuck is still very early in the healing process. You must really try tone patient and see how things settle over the next several months. Hopefully you're following closely with your plastic surgeon and he has reassured you of this as well!

Best of luck to you.

Abdominoplasty Swelling

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If you have residual skin laxity after a tummy tuck, it is unlikely that as swelling resolves that it will get more tight.  Some patients who have very loose skin due to weight loss or stretch marks or poor skin tone due to sun damage will have some early relapse of the skin looseness. You need to consult with your surgeon specifically to address the concerns you are expressing.  Best wishes on your recovery.

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Without current photos, preferably accompanied by before pictures it is not really possible to offer any useful comments. Please consider reposting with photos. All the best. 

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