How soon after surgery can I resume exercise?

I am 24 dpo from a full TT and a breast reduction and am itching to start exercising again. Prior to surgery I was doing crossfit at least 5 -6 days per week, plus running 7km 2-3 times a week. I realize crossfit is out of the question for a while because I'm using my abs in pretty much all the exercises, but would using my elliptical or starting back running hurt me? I wouldn't mind doing some lighter weights so that my muscles get some sort of a workout as well.Any advice would be appreciated.

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How Soon After Surgery To Resume Exercise?

Follow your Plastic Surgeons post op instructions. I would avoid Crossfit for 9 to 12 weeks, but daily walks are usually recommended at this point. Discuss running and weights with your surgeon, as you do not want to do anything that would compromise your results.

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Mommy Makeover and Exercise

You need to consult with your surgeon as to what he/she advises. For my patients, I have them wait 4 weeks before resuming any type of formal exercise to insure adequate healing. Then you want to go carefully, pay attention to your body, add gradually to your exercise routine, do not over do it or you will get swelling.Good luck!

Miguel Delgado, MD
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Resuming exercise

This is a question best answered by your plastic surgeon as he/she knows exactly what was done in surgery and how you are healing. In general, it is ok to begin resuming light activity as you feel up to it, and them gradually increase intensity. Walking and elliptical are two options that are usually good to begin with. Check with your doctor. Good luck.

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How soon after surgery can I resume exercise?

It is commendable that you wish to return to exercise as soon as possible after surgery. Your plastic surgeon alone should be your resource when it comes to determining the return to specific activities after the specific procedures performed.

He/she will know exactly how you are progressing and whether or not you have experienced any complications. Remember, that he/she is ultimately responsible for your care. Online consultants' advise here may be confusing (and even dangerous).

Best wishes.

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