Pain in Fingers After Upper Arm SmartLipo

after having smart lipo on my upper arms, i have pain in two fingers on one hand. The doctor has me taking 800 mg. of ibuprofen four times a day for a month. It felt like a burning pain on my small finger and ring finger but now it feels like a tingling sensation. Is this permanent nerve damage or should I keep waiting to see if it gets better?

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Nerve irritation after arm liposuction

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If nerves get irritated by movement or friction or prolonged pressure in their vicinity, they may create the sensations you describe. Very often this is temporary but the recovery to normal is often very slow and can take many months to a year or more. You might want to see a neurologist if the symptoms don't improve and if it is the ring and little finger, then the "funny bone" ulnar nerve might have swelling putting pressure on it and an injection of corticosteroids might help reduce the swelling. This would have to be evaluated though by the specialist before treatment.

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