After Slim Lipo, Seroma Aspirated but Now Back and Hard? (photo)

10 wks. ago I had abdominal smart lipo and surgeon wanted seroma/swelling handled by lymphatic massage. 3 wks later he aspirated seroma and all seemed well. Now while traveling it returned but this time hard and feels like my abdomen is turning to concrete and spreading. Exercise very painful. I am scared, confused, away from home. What should I do? What kind of doctor do I look for? Am in Santa Cruz for 2 weeks then Ithaca before home.

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Seroma after Slim Lipo

Sorry for your trouble.

Given the time line if the seroma returned, and it sounds as though it may have, the fluid may have been replaced by fibrous tissue.  Try to find a plastic surgeon who can evaluate you and attempt another aspiration.  If the seroma has been completely replaced by fibrous tissue it will soften with time and this can be accelerated with injections of Kenalog or 5-FU, or both.  Bottom line, however, see a good plastic surgeon before doing anything and the best thing is to see the original surgeon first.  If the discomfort is severe you can see if your original surgeon can call in the appropriate pain medications to a pharmacy near you.  Obviously, you'd like for  this to be a non-narcotic medication such as neurontin.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

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Area of firmness in abdomen after smart lipo

Thank you for the picture.  It is hard to say without a physical exam, but a likely explanation is that the seroma has recurred and will require another aspiration.  It is always best to have your original surgeon treat you, since he or she will have the best understanding of your overall situation.  If this is not possible find a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you.

John Q. Cook, MD
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