How Soon After SLIM Lipo Can One Return to Vigourous Cardio/strength Work Outs?

I just had SLIM Lipo 11 days ago on my abs, sides, and back. I am worried that I will gain weight from being inactive as I normally work out 6 days a week. My Dr. told me to wait 7 days before engaging in vigorous work outs. I have started walking on a treadmill for 45mins but I want to get back into my hardcore training and plan on staring at my 3 week mark.Is that too soon? My Dr said I could after 7 days, what damage could result from working out too soon?

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Swelling post-op

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The biggest problem with exercising too quickly after SlimLipo is recurrent swelling and pain in the soft tissue. I would recommend some compression during the workout to minimize some of these issues. If you work out and get puffy , then you need to back off. Good Luck!

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