After a Saline Breast Implant Can a Woman Breastfeed Her Baby?

After a Saline Breast Implant Can a Woman Feed Her Baby?

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Yes, it is possible


It is possible and safe for woman with breast implants to breastfeed.  Keep in mind, that not all women, with implants or not, are able to produce enough milk to breastfeed successfully.  Good luck!


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Breastfeeding with saline implants

It is perfectly safe to breastfeed after having a breast augmentation with saline implants.  The FDA has deemed both saline and silicone implants safe.  There should not be a problem breastfeeding, especially if the implant was placed under your pectoral muscle.  Having an implant placed under the pectoral muscle does not disrupt the milk ducts and glands that are located in the actual breast and fat tissue.  If it was placed on top of this muscle there is a small chance that breastfeeding may be more difficult as those glands and ducts may have been disrupted during implant placement.

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Breast feeding and saline implants

Women with breast implants can breast feed. AS far as I know, there are no scientific studies suggesting that this is a problem.

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Breast implants and breast feeding

can women breast feed after breast augmentation:

  1. saline implants  yes\
  2. silicone implants  yes
  3. the FDA has not found any reasons not to
  4. breast feeding can be difficult with or without implants
  5. lactation clinics exist for this reason



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Most likely yes

The FDA has looked into this extensively and declared that both breast impants, saline and silicone, are safe during breast feeding.  I can confirm this; lots and lots of my patients who got their implants when they were siingle come back and talk about how easy it was to breast feed after they started a family.  When it has been studied there is no evidence that anything harmful in the mother's milk after breast augmentation will get passed on to the baby when breast feeding.

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Breast feeding after breast augmentation


The type of implant used has no impact on breast feeding.  Breast augmentation in general does not affect breast feeding in the vast majority of cases.  The few situations where there is a theoretical increase in chance that breast feeding can be affected is when the incision is made at the areola border.  In doing so some lobules/ducts can be affected but even in this case the chance of significant change to the ability to breast feed is negligible.

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Breast feeding after augmentation

There is no contraindication to breast feeding with either saline or silicone filled breast implants.  There are lots of factors involved with breast feeding such as breast tissue volume, hormones, nipple areola scarring that could interfere with milk production.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Breast Feeding And Breast Implants

Yes, the majority of women are able to breast feed children after breast augmentation with either saline or silicone implants.  Breast augmentation itself does not directly affect the milk glands or ducts and should not interfere with breast feeding postoperatively.  However, each surgeon and patient will have different experiences.  I recommend you talk to a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons before undergoing breast augmentation.

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Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation

The majority of women are able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation procedure.  It is important to note that it is SAFE to breastfeed with implants.  Some women may have difficulty with breastfeeding after having breast augmentation for a number of reasons.  Most commonly, the sensory nerves that stimulate the structures around the nipple to contract and express milk may be impaired from the surgery.  Another possibility is that the implant compresses the milk ducts by pushing on them causing them to be 'blocked' and unable to express milk properly.  Fortunately, as I noted above, most women are able to breastfeed with implant surgery.  Discuss this with your plastic surgeon and consider waiting until after having children if you feel breastfeeding is an absolute!  Best Wishes!!!!!!!!!

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Breast feeding after breast augmentation

Most women are able to breast feed after breast augmentation surgery.  It is possible that the implants can compress your breast tissue which potentially could effect milk production. In general, the surgery should not interrupt the milk ducts that go to the nipple.

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