After Rhinoplasty, Tip Not Pointing Straight, Why Would this Be? (photo)

Before septo-rhinoplasty, bone deviated to the left and the tip had a lump on one side and regular indent on other side. 1 month after surgery, while bone is straight, the tip points to right. 1 nostril is smaller (i don't mind that) but the tip is off centre. it never was before. tip is less bulbous and much less swollen but hasn't centred at all. how can this be if that that wasn't even a previous problem? the tip pointed straight before. could steroid injections fix it?

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Post Op deviation of Tip

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As best I can tell from your picture, your tip is not straight secondary to tip asymmetry and/or septal deviation. Steroid injections will not correct the problem; a revision procedure will probably be necessary. After an  examination and consultation specific recommendations can be made.

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Rhinoplasty revision

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You will need revision surgery to realign the tip cartilages to each other and to the septal cartilage with placement of sutures to hold them in position. Not knowing what you looked like before surgery or what was done at surgery it is impossible to say why this happened. If you go to a different surgeon for the revision be sure to bring before surgery photos and a copy of your operative report with you.

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