How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can I Have a Somnoplasty Performed?

I am currently recovering from a rhinoplasty and my breathing has been cumulatively worse since surgery. My breathing was almost as bad pre-op, and I really should have had it fixed prior to this surgery. I am wondering how long I will have to wait to have a somnoplasty procedure performed, without jeopardizing my final cosmetic result from my last operation. Do you think the local anesthetic used in somnoplasty could potentially harm my final result? Please help. Thank you all so much

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Somnoplasty after Rhinoplasty

I think that once you are six weeks out after a rhinoplasty you are safe to have a somnoplasty performed assuming that your surgeon does not have any objections.  While you may have some worsening swelling post-op that may delay you seeing your final result, it should not alter the long term result if everything goes smoothly.  Good luck.

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Somnoplasty After Rhinoplasty

Somnoplasty can refer to the reduction of the turbinates inside the nose, the soft palate, or the base of the tongue.  If you are having trouble breathing through your nose and the breathing fluctuates from side to side then you may have enlarged turbinates.  If it is a fixed obstruction and does not fluctuate then your turbinates may not be the only cause of the obstruction in your nose.  The reduction of the turbinates can be performed relatively soon after a rhinoplasty around 4 to 6 weeks would be my recommendation.  The local anesthesia will not affect your final result.

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Can do somnoplasty

Somnoplasty is an in office procedure to stiffen one's palate in an effort to reduce snoring.  Depending on how long ago your rhinoplasty was, postoperative obstruction from edema is to be expected.  You should see improved breathing (or return to baseline if you didn't have preoperative nasal obstruction) around 1 month after surgery.  A somnoplasty shouldn't adversely affect your rhinoplasty cosmetic results since the treatment is targeted at your palate and can be done without general anesthesia.  In fact, it's easily done under local...simply injecting anesthetic into the palate.  If you're still in the early postoperative period, my advice is to be patient and continue follow up with your surgeon.

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