After Rhinoplasty Is It Normal For Nose To Feel Dry Indoors While It's Runny Outside? 1 Year Post-Op.

After rhinoplasty my nose always feels very dry when I am indoors, and when I am outside in cold air it always running, is that normal? (One year after surgery).

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Runny nose 1 year post-op

Runny nose after rhinoplasty may be due to vasomotor rhinitis – this is not a threatening condition and there are some treatment options although they would require constant use of nose sprays

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Nasal problems after rhinoplasty

Difference in humidity may be producing your problems.  See your surgeon for an evaluation.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Post operative rhinoplasty

I would go in for a follow up evaluation by your surgeon or a good ENT facial plastic surgeon. Sometimes after rhinoplasty surgery the function of the nose may be altered and this will need to be determined by a clinical evaluation. Often times there are simple solutions to these situations such as nasal moisturizing sprays or other over the counter medications to help with dry air and cold weather conditions. Best regards!

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1 year post rhinoplasty dynes

Hard to tell without examining your nose, but assuming everything went well,and everything inside is healing well, the remaining swelling associated with the surgery could account for this. I would follow up with your surgeon though.



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