After Rhinoplasty is It Possible It Can Cause an Obstruction in the Sinus Cavities Resulting in Causing Silent Sinus Syndrome..

My wife had Rhinoplastic operation on her nose, her eye lid drooped down and she was admitted into the hospital. And was diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis, and had no cerebral problems. She was operated on resolving her Sinusitis problem. The eye area hurts we visited a Neuroligist various scans showing nothing. Is it possible that because of the Rhinoplastic operation could be the cause of the sinusitis and the results of the Silent Sinus Syndrome resulting....?

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Silent Sinus Syndrome

Silent sinus syndrome is a spontaneous, asymptomatic collapse of the maxillary sinus and orbital floor associated with negative sinus pressures. It can cause painless facial asymmetry, diplopia and enopthalmus Usually the diagnosis is suspected clinically, and it can be confirmed radiologically by characteristic imaging features that include maxillary sinus outlet obstruction, sinus opacification, and sinus volume loss caused by inward retraction of the sinus walls. Treatment is surgical involving making an outlet for mucous drainage from the obstructed sinus.

I doubt whether this is your problem but consult your plastic surgeon. 

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