After Revsisional Eylid Surgery I Am Very Depressed.

I had a revision upper eyelid lift 17 days ago. I am worried the doctor has taken too much fat and my eyes will look sunken. Also I have lines on both eyelids going from the centre of the lid inwards towards the corners. My left eye is also more swollen especially in the inner corner. The doctor has told me that it is a blocks oil gland. I am very worried and upset my eyes will look ugly and regret having done the surgery. I am very depressed.

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Way too early to worry.

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Dear OCD

It is way to early after surgery for you to worry about asymmetry. There is significant swelling in the first two weeks after surgery, and sometimes even longer than that. Furthermore, surgical scar will evolve and soften over a period of months. I would not worry until the 3 month post operative visit, and sometimes even longer than that. Scars can mature for up to a year after surgery. Please be patient with your body and let it heal.

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Early results of eyelid surgery

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I'm sorry you are frustrated with you surgery.  The good news is it is very early and additional changes are to be expected as you continue to heal.  The lines you mentioned may be what is called a Burow's triangle which is used to remove redundant skin at the end of a rounded incision. Your surgeon could explain why he/she made the incisions in that fashion.  Eyelids tend to heal at different rates you essentially had 2 separate surgeries performed, one on each side. Just a little more cautery or dissection on one side can lead to more swelling and a longer healing time.  It is best to give it a few months, keep your follow-ups with your doctor and re-assess at that point before looking to make any modifications. 

Matheson A. Harris, MD
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