After 6 Revsion Rhinoplasties Still Possible to Improve the Nose?

I had already 6 revision rhinoplasties. the last surgery was 2 1/2 years ago....he repaired my saddle nose and tip with ear cartilage. my questions are: could my nose still change after 2 1/2 years? is it true that it doesn't matter how many surgeries you had, it matters what your nose looks like? if i would break the  ear cartilage in my nose...would it be a big issue to repair the damage? looking forward to hear from you.

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I'd say you're done after 6 revision rhinoplasties

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Without seeing a photo of you, after 6 rhinoplasties I cannot imagine that it can be made better by doing more surgery.

What happens with repetitive surgery is that your expectations continue to rise as you put more money and recovery and pain into it while the reality is that result continues to go down hill creating a progressively larger expectation mismatch. You can't help but feel that the next time will finally get it right - but it won't.

Revision Rhinoplasty after 6 Previous Surgeries?

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I think the point has been well made by Dr. Rand. 6 Rhinoplasties is a lot of surgery.

Would surgery be complicated were you to injure your nose? Yes, very.

Will your result change even after 2.5 years? Yes, you can expect changes for 5 years or more. Given your surgical history, I would extend this to 10 years.

Will you be able to find someone to do a 7th surgery? Unfortunately, yes. Will you regret it? Very likely, and this may lead to desire for an 8th. Be careful!

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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