After Revision - How Long to See Final Size/shape? (photo)

I had a BA over a year ago, just had a revisit from a 375cc mod plus to a 500cc hp, do I have to wait the approximate 3 months to see what I will look like or is it a shorter time period since its only a swap of implant? I don't see any difference!

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Healing after breast augmentation revision

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healing after breast augmentation revision:

  • see previous postings on healing after BA
  • this will still take about 3 months
  • i believe in massage and manipulation to soften the breasts

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After Revision - How Long to See Final Size/shape? (photo)

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Thanks for the photos posted. Yes wait 3 months at least before considering ANOTHER revision surgery. 

Your breasts can not handle bigger implant

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Your pictures show shinny skin which indicates over stretched skin. Your implants are too big for your breast tissue. You will have problem with over thinning and bottoming out with these implants and going bigger is not a good idea.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Results after implant revision

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Your change was a small one, just 125cc, though your photo does show an increase which is still fuller on top. The recovery is much easier, though you still need time for the breast envelope to give and adjust to the new implant size and projection. Two to three months may be just about right.

Best of luck,

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Revision Breast Augmentation Results?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

No, revisionary breast augmentation surgery ( removal/replacement) results generally are more apparent sooner than first-time breast augmentation results.

In your case, I can appreciate a significant increased breast size after your revisionary surgery. This is especially evident along the superior poles of your breasts. If you look at your before and after pictures carefully  I am sure you will appreciate the increased size.

I hope this helps.

Revision breast augmentation

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I can see a substantial difference.  Patients are often surprised how little difference there is in 200 ccs of upsizing considering how big a change that sounds like.  Assuming not much was done internally, you are pretty much seeing what you've got as there is very little swelling in just an impant exchange.

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