After Removing a Mole, Will the Mole Reappear in the Future?

I am planning to get my mole remove by the excision with stitches method, but I am not sure if my mole will reappear in the future. What is the chance for the mole to reappear? The flat mole is about 2/3 the area of a pencil eraser.

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Mole removal

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If the mole is completely surgically excised and margins are clear, the mole should not return.  Anything that is being surgically removed should be sent to pathology to confirm diagnosis.

Reappearing Skin Lesion (Mole)

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A MOLE is the common term given to many different pigmented skin lesion. While the vast majority of them are benign (Noncancerous) a small fraction are either pre-cancerous (on their way to becoming malignant) or cancerous.

Freezing (liquid nitrogen), burning (laser, electricity etc) or shaving such lesions have one major advantage - speed but several disadvantages- do not allow tissue to be examined microscopically to determine what it is, leaves a round scar and by potentially leaving deeper portion of the lesion in the skin, may allow the remaining lesion "roots" to reappear or spread sideways.  For this reason, most Plastic surgeons prefer to completely excise skin lesions thereby obtaining full control of its margins and finding exactly what it was.

If a lesion is completely removed it is VERY unlikely to return.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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