After Receiving 3 Treatments on my Lipliner, I Am Now Stuck with Blk and Grey Color? What Can I Do?

i wanted lip liner and ended up with lips drawn up to my lower nose. The excessive color (pink) was removed, but when the laser hit the outer portion of my lip, it turned grey and black in a few spots. I have endured 3 treatments with 4 months rest inbetween and am at the point of depression, thinking my lips may never be normal again. Should i continue treatments for black ink? Is there any thing else i can do for my lips. please help

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Lip liners usually have an iron-based ink for the coloration.  Unfortunately it has a tendency to turn black or grey with laser tattoo removal.  Our medical spa and laser center, Chic Esthetiq, uses the Revlite SI, which can treat these type of inks.  However, we caution the patient that it will take multiple treatments, and that they can have the blackening and/or graying of the ink in the interim.

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