After Placement of a R Lower Molar Crown, I Am Able to Feel the Medial Edge with my Tongue. Is This Normal?

My concern is the metallic taste, possible increased exposure to toxic materials and greater risk for decay of the underlying tooth structure.

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Concern Over Metal In Dental Crowns and Fillings?

If you were concerned about the metal used under your crown you and your dentist should have had that discussion before your dentist started the procedure.  There are many non-metal alternatives, like all-ceramic EMax porcelain, that are strong, long lasting and extremely bio compatible.

I doubt if your dentist used any metals that were "toxic", however most dentists prefer to use metals that are NOT non-precious, rather precious or semi-precious metals, which are better tolerated by the body. 

As long as the crown fits properly and there is no leakage of cement from the crown, you have no greater risk of getting cavities (decay) around the crown than a tooth that hasn't been crown or veneeered.


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