After Orbital Floor Surgery my Eyes Are Asymmetric Can This Be Fixed?

orbital floor surgery after blunt trauma to my eye. Since the surgery my left eye is higher than the other eye. The doctor said that i would look normal in two months but iam worried that my asymmetric eyes will be permanent. Can this be fixed?

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Asymmetry following orbital floor repair

I am sorry to hear of your injury and hope you are recovering well.

It sounds like you are still in the recovery phase. It is not uncommon for the injured eye to appear slightly more prominent and even higher than the other side due to swelling which, as your doctor has said, usually settles in a few months. If it doesn't settle, a CT scan can tell whether the orbital reconstruction plate is sitting in a good position - if not, it may need adjusting.

I hope this helps.

Orbital Fracture Surgery

Dear Friend:


YES, your problem can be addressed!  Simply put, your orbital floor (which your eyeball rests on) is depressed.  Building up the floor of your orbit will bring the eyes at equal heights.  Implants, cartilage or even your own bone from other areas can be used to build up the floor again!


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