After my Gyno Surger?

I have small case of gynecomastia and doctor said he will take it all off with liposuction with fat. and after surgery they put this white thing around my chest and upper body but I don't know i tried jumping and i felt a bit gland bit under my left chest and this is the first day after the surgery is this normal or he didn't take everything? Like when I walk I feel a bit like I still have the chest under me, Is this normal ? Or I should tell the doctor? Thanks

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One day after gynecomastia surgery

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Don't worry. One day after surgery you should really just be resting - quiet activity. Follow your surgeon's instructions.

Gynecomastia and post-op

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At one day after surgeyr it is way too early to worry about the final results. Give it some time to heal. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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